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Saturday, 01 April 2017 15:33


Your first time renting a campervan does not need to be a daunting experience like some people may believe it is.

We , here at Ireland West Motorhomes have been dealing with " first timers " on a regular basis since we started our camper van rental business back in 2009. I estimate that more than half of our customers have never even stepped inside a camping car before they arrive at our base to start thier adventure. We try to ensure that everybody has full knowledge of the workings of all the appliances on board and that they are comfortable in thier new " home on wheels" for the duration of thier stay.

We perform a walk through demonstration , explaining everything as we go. We then leave you to try out a few of these on your own while we complete the paperwork. When we return a few minutes later we take as much time as you need to answer all your questions. For your convenience , we also give you a phone number that you can call at any time for advice if you forget any minor detail. Also , remember that motorhomers are a friendly , happy bunch and are always more than happy to help out or give advice.

A holiday in Ireland in an RV / Motorhome / Camper / Camping Car / Campervan / Wohnmobil ( whichever you like to call it ) gives you the freedom to come and go and explore as you please like no other holiday. But, If you prefer to be a bit more organised , we are happy to reccommend our favourite places , attractions and campsites to you.

On your first night away we suggest just a short trip , maybe an hour or so drive from our base here in Castlebar in the heart of the beautiful , rugged west coast of Ireland. This will give you time to get accustomed to driving a larger vehicle and getting used to all the items on board. Within an hours drive of your Mayo based campervan rental base you could find yourself in anyone of Mayos 12 EU recognised "Blue Flag " beaches, you could have parked in the middle of the beautiful Connemara in Galway or at the butt of beautiful Ben Bulben in Sligo. Within an hours drive of Connaughts ( Mayo , Sligo , Leitrim , Galway , Roscommon ) biggest and oldest campervan hire depot you can be in any one of more than 15 Failte Ireland recommended campsites or wild camping in any of the accepted night stop-overs.

What do we pack for our Motorhome adventure?

Ok , Well , lots of people ask this question. But , unfortunately not many people take any heed of our answers. We always advise to bring as little clothing as possible. These vehicles are big but they wont fit everything that you want to bring with you. Remember , you are in Ireland so your going to need a bit of everything. Something warm for those chilly summer evenings , something waterproof for them wet summery days and some light clothing for them scorchers . All campsites have laundry facilities so you will have plenty of opportunities to wash your clothing as you need them.

Board games , books and colouring books are great for passing a few hours on a wet evening. Some of our customers have told us this was the first time in years that they had played board games or spent as much time outdoors doing thier own adventures with thier kids.

All our campers come fully equipped with all cooking utensils , pots , pans , delph , cutlery and of course a wine bottle opener. Helen is the expert at the packing in our household. So, feel free to give her a call a week or so before your adventure begins and she would be only too happy to chat to you about your needs.



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